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Conspiracy Theory

In today’s political climate, we see leaders tweeting and retweeting some of the most ludicrous, laughable conspiracy theory without the slightest bit of evidence to support it. It seems the truth has become secondary to performing to your base and debasing your rival.
I find myself asking if the Democrats had a version of Trump would they tweet the following satire of a conspiracy theory as truth? Would Trump if it was about a Democrat? Sad that I would even have the slightest doubt about that.
Is this true?
I have well-connected sources telling me the keepers of the gate (KOTG), a very secretive cult, was annoyed today that President Trump let it slip he’s the Chosen One and the King of Israel. KOTG believes that the white man was chosen to rule the Earth and protect the Jew who, while not as worthy as the white man’s existence, is of crucial religious importance as it relates to the second coming.
It is also believed that the reason Trump doesn’t want his taxes out is because of irregularities that, when looking into, would show a trail of millions of dollars leading back to KOTG. As one source said, he doesn’t want us to know about something in those tax returns, and believe me; this is it.
Trump was recruited into KOTG as a teenager by prominent KOTG member Wayne LaPierre. Reports also say those cabinet members who were either fired or quit abruptly did so because they were getting too close to the KOTG truth. Why haven’t they gone public? Rumors are either they didn’t have enough evidence or because of imitation from the KOTG security squad, the Real Men in Black known to target family members financially and in other ways while leaving the traitor alone so they would know the pain of crossing the KOTG
This story was a satire of a conspiracy theory…or was it

He’s everywhere you just have to look

I’m in the shower this morning, and I look to my left out the frosted window. Now you can’t see anything unless it’s right up against the window, and even then, it’s hard to make out. But this morning there, it was clear as day what I could only assume was a twig had lodged itself between the bottom and top pane.
So what?
Well, this twig was shaped like a cross.
Just a twig that happened to look like a cross?
You could believe that, but I choose to believe that a twig in the shape of a cross whose image in a frosted window came through as clear as day was the Lord saying Carl, as you start the week know that I got you everything going to be OK.
May you all have a blessed week!

Listen to the sound of gun fire killing innocent people over and over again.

Washington D.C 

Are you listening?

How many more must die?

How many more children do we have to bury?

Stop and listen to the sound of gun fire senselessly killing innocent people over and over again.

We are tired.

We don’t want your prayers and condolences anymore.

We don’t want to see you accepting large donations from and on behalf of the NRA anymore. 

We don’t want to see you pandering to the guns and god crowd anymore.

We want to see you grow a backbone and take action.

We want to see you enact real and meaningful gun control laws now.

Stop with the excuses and just listen and watch the sound of gun fire senselessly killing innocent people over and over again.

If you can’t do that. If you can’t even attempt to protect us, I suggest you shut up, sit down and move aside for someone who can!

Pawns for the Rich

Next time the GOP complains that Democrats are giving the store away with all these social programs think about this:

In 2017 oil companies like Shell and Exxon companies not hurting for cash was awarded $14.7 billion in federal subsidies and $5.8 billion in state-level incentives, for a total of $20.5 billion annually in corporate welfare.

Farm subsidies were designed to help the mom and pop farmers.  Hmmm, not true, farm subsidies act like a regressive tax that helps high-income businesses, not poor rural farmers. Most of the money goes toward large agricultural businesses. Between 1995 and 2017, the top 10% of recipients received 77% of the $205.4 billion doled out. The top 1% received 26% of the payments. That averages out to $1.7 million per company. Fifty people on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans received farm subsidies. On the other hand, 62% of U.S. farms did not receive any subsidies.

In the mind of the GOP social programs designed to help the poor and needy in times of need equals. Pull your pants up and get a job you lazy American.

Corporate welfare to help the richest of the rich get richer on the guise that the money will trickle down, yet somehow it never does equals good.  Let’s meet for cocktails aboard your yacht and talk about your next campaign contribution. 

Hypocrites and snake oil salespeople who keep selling this illusion to poorest who continue to vote for them and keep them in office for some reason, possibly They are manipulated by the racial politics Trump plays. They believe the myth that only black and brown people benefit from these programs while simultaneously taking advantage of themselves.

We hate Obamacare they scream yet based on 2014 Census Bureau data, that echo other studies, a key demographic for the GOP, blue-collar whites have been among the principal beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act.

Stop all these Safety Net programs they yell but Donald Trump won about two-thirds of whites without a college degree—the most for any Republican since Ronald Reagan in his 1984 landslide—and they provided almost exactly half of his total votes.  These voters represent only about one-third of the electorate yet it is the same Safety-net programs they decry that are particularly beneficial for adults without a college degree as studies show the vast majority of working-age adults lifted above the poverty line by government benefits and tax credits are people lacking a college degree.

If America is ever to move forward it must stop voting based on sound bites or what a quote unquote news network tells them and get become informed about the truth of the this country’s economics and how it benefits the rich at the expense of the masses.. Otherwise we will remain just pawns the rich move around the board.