Living while Black

Police officers in New York City were doused with water by punks, not black punks, not Spanish punks, not white punks. No, just punks; their color does not matter. They were wrong and showed a level of disrespect to the men and women who put on a uniform every day and risk their lives to protect us that should never be accepted. They should be arrested and charged to the fullest extent possible. Leaders in the community need to speak out in the loudest possible voice to condemn them. To let it be known that their type of behavior does not represent us, and our communities will not stand for it.
With that said, let us not lose sight of another issue, those who would use this disrespectful incident to justify police misconduct with memes like ever wonder why the police mistreat you. Stop breaking the law. Seizing upon the disrespectful action of a few as justification for police misconduct, no better than we an entire police force is held accountable for a few bad officers’ actions. Rather than looking to exploit the issue to create a false narrative, it is time we have a real discussion about the disconnect between the communities they patrol and the police. Let’s talk honestly about the issue of police misconduct. Like every company, government agency, not-for-profit, and the church has a few bad apples, and those bad apples need to be rooted out.
Sadly if you believe the concept that people of color can avoid police misconduct by obeying the law.I guess:

You have never been pulled over numerous times but never receive a ticket and are left to wonder if you were stopped because you were driving while black.
You have never been stopped and frisked in a low crime neighborhood while sporting an argyle sweater and matching socks. You didn’t appear to fit the profile of who they were supposedly looking for unless that profile was merely black.

You never had a gun pointed in your face while tossing a football in a white friend’s suburban backyard because you didn’t appear to belong in that neighborhood because you were black.

You have never been a 53-year-old African American male whose never been in trouble with the law. Whose palms get a little sweaty when a police car is following you while black.

All of which have happened to me.
But you’ve never been black.

Let’s stop protecting the rotten apples on the police force and applauding punks who disrespect the good police officers and have a real discussion.

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