My best friend, My strongest ally is the Lord

Each day I awake anxious to continue my conversation with you, to thank you for the chance to walk another day upon the Earth. I am encouraged to believe that no matter where the day shall take me, I never walk alone. Each day my life is a little more enriched by the knowledge you are my savior, and my soul burns with the light of a thousand lights, knowing that because of my faith in you and your love for me, nothing is impossible. I endeavor to let nothing or no one come between me and my faith. I am reassured in the belief that as I continue to give you praise and strengthen my faith in you, nothing can diminish your love for me. I revel in the knowledge that I need not worry about earthly problems because you help carry my load and, in your ultimate wisdom, will bestow on to me the strength and courage to overcome. I am fortunate enough to have found you, for you are indeed my best friend and my strongest ally, and it is for that reason that I am truly blessed.


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