Is your faith strong and pure?

Anyone can say they have faith, but it is only those whose relationship with the Lord is strong and pure that genuinely have it. Life gives us our share of up and downs, and as with anything, the up times are easy. During the up times, we cruise along, enjoying the moment. For so many of us, we do not take the time to stop and praise the Lord for bestowing upon us his blessings, believing rather arrogantly that we and we alone are responsible for our success. But true faith is defined by our actions in the downtimes. It is in the downtimes that our arrogance is stripped from us. It is doing the downtime that many of us blame the Lord for our troubles.
True faith asks are you willing to accept responsibility for your part in whatever has gone wrong. Are you ready to make the changes required to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, or will you simply grumble that he has forsaken you and walk away from Him? When faced with this choice, we find it easier to walk away from the Lord for so many of us. Now do not misconstrue me; the fact is that our faith comes with some semblance of the doubt for the vast majority of us. After all, we are human, and by definition, none of us are perfect, and as such, it is natural that our faith wavers at times, especially in times of tribulation. However, for those whose faith in the Lord is strong and pure while it may initially waver, eventually, we realize that the Lord always walks with us because He created us, we are His children, He forgives our sins, and He loves us. We believe that He is continually working to remove our troubles and provide us with a new and renewed spirit. We fall back on our faith not because we say we have it but because it is pure and true. Because we value the good times, the Lord has provided for us and understand that the only way not to lose them is to praise Him each day, in good and bad times. When we are willing to let go and put our faith in the Lord, will we see that there is nothing He will let us go without, that with Him all things are possible. Only then can we truly say we have faith and that it is pure and true.


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