The Lord will always be with you

Something is weighing heavy on your soul. You seem lost and on the brink of no return. Yet you have turned away from your most powerful ally, the Lord. Maybe you are worried about how He will react if you talk to Him about your troubles. Perhaps you think that because in good times, you have gone so long without talking to Him and now feared his reaction when you reach out to him in times of despair. Maybe you think that if you let Him in, you’ll be a burden to Him. That you only are coming to Him because of the adversity you are facing. Maybe you think He doesn’t care. Why else would you be in this situation if He did? But what you should know is very simply this – the Lord will never let you walk alone. Not today, not tomorrow. You are His child, and there will never be anything you cannot talk to Him about—nothing you can not overcome with Him by your side. If you have faith in Him, there will never be a time He will not be there for you. He does these things not because He has to. But because of His love for us, an everlasting love. A love that saw Him give us His only son so that we may be forgiven of sin. Embrace Him, praise Him, talk to Him, free yourself from worry and have faith that He will unburden your soul from the troubles that are consuming you.


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