As you can see I’m still alive…Thanks to the lord, family and friends

So I haven’t had a new post for the blog for a bit and there’s a good reason. After a routine medical procedure at the hospital something went terribly wrong and my heart stopped. Luckily for me I was still in the hospital and they worked on me for 40 minutes. It was still touch and go after that and I was heavily sedated for about a week, let me tell you if you’re heavily sedated your mind takes you to some weird places, but here I am today. Doctors and nurses called me miracle man because of how quickly I rebounded from where I was. No doubt this has been a tough year for me  medically after dealing with legionnaires disease last summer, still wondering where that came from, but I believe the hand of the lord has saved me twice now as if he was telling me ain’t your time yet kid you have big things yet to do. These set backs may seem difficult but it’s all part of the overall plan. I truly believe that I have the faith that he will help me through this rehab part of my healing and guide me to finding my ultimate purpose for being on this earth.

The other thing this incident has taught me is the overwhelming amount of love my family and friends have for me. Even friends who live outside of New York traveled to be by my bedside. Others who stopped by everyday and of course my sister Carole who has been my rock. She has not missed a day, she has slept overnight in the hospital only to have to get up at a ridiculous hour to go home and get ready for work. I don’t know what I would do without her and I won’t even try to use words describe how thankful and how much I love her. It is truly overwhelming to know how deeply my friends and family care about me. Their visits, their words of encouragement, their prayers all have been such a positive factor in my overcoming this latest test of faith but thanks to them I am well on the way to doing just that and I thank all of them.


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