Monthly Archives: March 2018

Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes
Do you see weakness?
Did you ever doubt me?
Did you ever think you could break me?

Maybe you should look closer and you’ll see
The struggles I’ve already overcome
The confidence my parents instilled in me
The sense that I can accomplish anything I want.

So doubt me if you want.
Try to break me if you desire
But know this if you should choose to waste your time and energy doing so when all is said and done I will still be here standing proud and tall.

Look into my eyes and you’ll see that.


Still walking with me, still looking over me, after all these years

Hard to believe my dad would have been 105 years old today plus today is also dad and mom’s wedding anniversary. Over the years I have said how much they mean to me and how much I love them so I won’t rehash that narrative. Suffice to say there are moments when even In a room full of family and friends I feel alone but then out of nowhere I feel something that tells me I’m never alone they continue to walk with me to look out over me. Should I expect any difference? Not really after all they are my parents and great parents they were