The killing of our innocent

‪For every decision there is a consequence and humans frequently rely on flawed logic to justify illogical decisions. ‬

‪There can be no debate that it is illogical for America to cling to the belief that the founding fathers believed ownership of guns should go basically unchecked in today’s society. With the advances in weaponry not to mention the obsolete true intent of the amendment being a well regulated militia to serve as a check upon a standing army. Something no “militia” armed with guns, no matter how high powered, in today’s world would be able to serve as a formidable foe against say an F-16 fighter jet. ‬

‪The consequence of America decision to not take real action on the subject of gun control is the continued wave of mass shootings it endures. Something unique to America among developed countries in the world. No mass shooting is without its pain but none is sadder than when the life of a young innocent is tragically taken from us far before their time. Politicians will tweet and stand in front of the cameras offering prayers and condolences. But that does little to ease the heartbreak of a parent who stands over the coffin of their child tears in their eyes wondering why. ‬

‪Every decision has a consequence isn’t it time we decide to put a stop to this madness and implement real gun control policies. ‬

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