Monthly Archives: December 2017

Sports proves it’s not real life yet again

Sports isn’t the real world and the Eli Manning saga proved it once again. In the real world if you don’t produce no matter what you may have done in the past you might be cut loose. When you don’t make the playoffs consistently, take delay of game penalties every week, throw the untimely interception more than the game winning TD lately, fumble whenever a defender breaths on you you’re playing with fire. I love Eli, he was great and put two trophies in the case but you don’t get the job for life. We correctly admire his streak but the reality is he just came to work everyday and was highly paid for it. He isn’t the single mother struggling to find child care so she can get to work. He isn’t the father who works 18 hours a day everyday just to put a roof over his family’s head. He’s a football player who played on Sunday and made 20 million plus every year to do it and by the way will still earn his money even while sitting on the bench. He won’t have the worries of the average joe who gives his life to a company and is let go after a few lean years and needs to worry how he’s going to care for his family. Let’s keep things in perspective Eli was great but let’s not weep for him he’ll be alright.