You saved me

Early morning the sun hasn’t even come up yet here I am wide awake. You lay next to me your beauty evident even as you sleep. I wonder if you know you saved my soul? Before you I was bitter, had given up on love. I swore I would never allow anyone to make me feel the way I felt when my last relationship ended. Not only had my world been shaken by the break up but my heart had been stolen. Not shattered into pieces but gone, stolen by someone I trusted loved me as I loved them. Then you walked into my life, your first smile a building block for my new heart, a wrecking ball to the wall that my bitterness has built up. Even though I never said it you seemingly could sense my apprehension but that never deterred you. You simply let the moments be the moments and as time went on I let you in more and more. Then one day you smiled and like the grinch my heart that you had been building since that first smile grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of love came through, and I found the strength of *ten* men plus two! Today my heart is once again open to love but only to your love. You brought me back, you saved my soul, made me believe in love again. Than you my love sleep well.




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