The winds are carrying you away from me

The winds are carrying you away from me. As a man, I take full responsibility for
Not hearing your voice;
being responsive to your needs;
understanding your concerns.
But trust me when I say it’s not because of faded feelings or desire for you. It’s not because I don’t value our relationship. In fact, I love and appreciate you and the concept of us more now than I ever have. My love for you has never stopped growing, getting stronger each day. Now the thought of losing you has me free falling with no parachute. I am desperately clinging to the hope that:
you will accept my apology;
believe in me again;
believe in us again;
understand how much I love you;
hold you in my arms once again.
My love for you burns as brightly as it ever has, and there is nothing I would not do to make your life as fulfilling as possible. You are my soul mate, and I hope the winds bring your heart back to mine.

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