Little Smile

I looked across the crowded room and saw her. She was in the middle of a conversation, the usual party small talk, laughing and smiling with the others around her. I knew who she was having seen her around the office before. I was amazed at how beautiful she was yet how modest she seemed to be. I mean let’s be real the beautiful people know they’re beautiful. But in her case it was like she didn’t know, didn’t care or both. But it wasn’t just her beauty that drew me to her, she had a reputation as being one of the brightest of the bright and was also well known as a fighter who was unafraid to think big and push the company to do the same. Any man would be lucky if she even looked their way and there she was twenty feet away from me, which may as well have been twenty miles. I’ll admit she intimidated me. Then she turned and looked my way and I could swear she smiled, not a huge smile just a slight little smile aimed in my direction as if it was meant for only me to notice. I thought to myself did I just imagine that or did she really just smile at me? The night went on and I couldn’t shake that little smile it was all I could think of. So when she was finally all alone I thought why not and summoned the courage from deep down within me and started walking in her direction to introduce myself. I walked with a purpose, confident and self assured, I mean she’s special but I’m no slouch I’m a pretty good catch myself, but that look of confidence was on the outside inside I was shaking like a child off to their first day of preschool saying goodbye to their mother for the first time. As I drew near she suddenly turned and looked in my direction and there it was again that little smile. Before I could utter a word she said hello and our eyes met. Suddenly all my nerves seem to settle down it was like I had known this woman all my life. Hello I said back and we spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing and every so often she would look right in my eye and flash that little smile. Now I knew it wasn’t my imagination that little smile was meant for me and only me. It was as if she had been waiting to flash that little smile her whole life. It was as if we were connected. You wait your whole life to find someone like this, someone you share an instant connection with, your soulmate. You may not always see eye to eye, you’re going to have up and downs but you knew from the minute you met that none of that would matter because you were destined to be in the same place at the same time. You were destined to find each other, destined to find your soulmate and on this night I found mine behind that little smile.








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