Anyone can fall in love – Only the few fight to keep love alive

Anyone can fall in love but it is only those in a relationship that is pure and true will fight to stay in love. All relationships go through their up and downs and as with anything the up times are easy. During the up times you just cruise along enjoying the moment. But true love is defined by how you handle the down times. Are you willing to work through your problems, listen to your partner’s concerns, accept responsibility for your part in whatever has gone wrong and make the changes required to strengthen your relationship. Or will you simply walk away. Now that sounds like an easy choice after all who wouldn’t do those things for the person they love. But for so many individuals when faced with this choice they find it easier to just walk away. Walk away from the person they had said I love you to on countless occasions. These people fell in love but their love but their love was not pure and true so they didn’t fight to keep it. However, you are more than willing to fight when the love is pure and true because you value the good times you share with your partner and you don’t want to lose them. And when you are willing to fight for love then and only then can you say your love is pure and true.


1 thought on “Anyone can fall in love – Only the few fight to keep love alive

  1. Understand546

    This is so accurate. Everybody wants the benefits of a relationship such as the dates, sex, romance and cuddling but not alot people are willing to communicate , handle the differences and most importantly make scarf ices


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