Love yourself and success will follow

True love means never having to ask someone if they love you. Because if you can’t tell by their actions and you have to ask they don’t. I don’t ask myself if I love myself because every action I take confirms it. From my unwavering belief in myself to my ability to define my own destiny. It wasn’t always this way, self doubt once consumed me in much the same way it consumes so many others until one day I mustered up the courage to try something I had never tried to do. Not surprisingly I failed but I also survived the challenge of trying so I got back up and tried again and then again and now I am a master at it. It was this experience that cast away all my self doubt, drove away the fear of failure. Each day my self esteem grew and my love for myself multiplied exponentially. Today that love translates into a belief that there are no limits to my potential. That no one can define who and what I am. After all I love myself I already know who I am and what I can do.

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