Dreams don’t manifest themselves

There are those among us who believe that the universe will simply manifest their dreams into reality before their eyes. A nice thought but dreams do not simply manifest themselves, dreams are seized by those of us who work to make them a reality. Seized by those of us who reject fear of failure, believe in possibilities and our potential to make those possibilities a reality. Without the belief in one self none of this is possible but when we start to believe in ourselves anything is possible. We all have faith in one self it is just being held back by fear and self doubt. But the same effort we put into holding onto those emotions can be put into unleashing our self confidence. We simply need to set goals for ourselves, have the courage to act upon them and visualize our success. Once we have unleashed that belief in ourself anything is possible and we won’t have to wait around for our dreams to magically manifest themselves we will have it within ourselves to seize them.

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