They tell you can’t – but the truth is you can

They say you can’t do it.
They say you will never reach your goals.
They say you live in the clouds.
They say you will never amount to anything.
They say it so many times that soon you start to think it is the truth.

But the truth is they say it not because it is true, but to keep you in a box. To stop you from reaching for and achieving what they already have.  But what you must be aware of is is that your ability to do it, reach your goals, live in the clouds, be someone special depends not on what they want you to think you can do but what you believe is possible.

For many of us it is not easy to step outside of that box they say you belong in. It takes courage, confidence in your abilities, a strong sense of self esteem once you understand that you may step out of the box freeing your mind of the chains they wish to keep it locked under and allowing it to soar to the heights it was always meant too.  Only then will you be able to do it reach your goal, live in the clouds, be the person you were always meant to be.

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