Monthly Archives: April 2017

Message from the Earth

Hi Humans it’s me Earth. I just wanted to remind you that I’ve been around 4.5 Billion years. I was here when there were no oceans, continents or even a moon. I was here before the dinosaurs and I was here after the dinosaurs. I have survived countless asteroids and several ice ages. Through it all I have changed but I am still here. You on the other hand have been around just a blink of an eye, roughly 200,000 years, you are no more than a child. Yet despite your youth you are the most arrogant of species to ever walk upon me. Throughout your brief history you have grown in intelligence, yet the smarter you get the less respect you show me. While that seems odd and doesn’t make any sense, it is true. You look only at the world as it is today. You have no eye toward your own future. You are consumed more by the concept of making money than keeping me safe. It is as if you have no understanding of the fact that without me in my present condition you will cease to exist and believe me that is the path you are currently headed down. Now don’t go blaming me, it is not as if I have not tried to warn you to the errors of your ways. You simply have refused to listen me. I have send you sign after sign that your actions are changing me, heating me up, destroying my forests, polluting my oceans and my air. Yet you do not listen. It’s ok because like in the past I will simply adapt to my new self and I will keep on circling my friend the sun for billions of years to come. But sadly I will no longer be able to support you. You will go the way of the dinosaur and maybe like that great species your demise will be a mystery to be solved by what ever or who ever takes your place. I take no pleasure in telling you this, in fact it saddens me, after all despite your arrogance you were a most promising of species. But in the end for all your promise you were simply to self important and quite frankly not smart enough too hear my cries when I tried to warn you.