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Alone on Valentine’s Day – Three steps to Happiness

You just went into Rite Aide to buy some toothpaste and everywhere you looked there were reminders of that February holiday coming up, Valentine’s Day. For many Valentine’s Day is a happy occasion it’s the one “official” day in the year in which we express our feelings of love for that someone special, feelings that we do or should express every day, but even though we should express those feeling every day let’s remember the important reason for this “official” day of expression, the economy, because without it how else could the florist justify that ridiculous marked up for roses. But I digress let get back to the topic at hand. While so many find Valentine’s Day to be a day of joy and love for others it can be overwhelming. No one to send flowers to or receive flowers from. No dinner date. No one’s hand to hold as you walk down the street. No one to cuddle with as the day draws to an end. For many this “official” day of love reminds them that they are single and while they have been telling themselves and anyone who would listen that they love being single when faced with so much love being thrown in their face they are forced to face an ugly truth, being single sucks. Not that they would ever admit it to anyone. So, they solider on smiling and laughing on the outside while crying on the inside determined not to show anyone how they truly feel. Of course, this facade makes it impossible for anyone to offer them a shoulder to lean on, because as far as everyone can tell they’re just fine. So, that leaves it up them to right the ship on their own and boy that’s not easy. If you’re one these people let me offer my unsolicited three steps plan to start the healing process. Step one is to understand that being single does not mean you are alone. If you took a step back and counted your friends, friends who love you and are always there you would know you are not alone. If you took a step back and thought about your family. Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, Aunt and Uncles and those countless cousins who love you to death you would know you are not alone. Romantic relationship may come and go but many of your friends and families have been in your life longer than you can remember and they don’t plan on going anywhere. The second step is not too despair, not too give up hope. Once hope is lost gone is any chance of finding the happiness you are seeking. You see life is a journey and each day represents a new step and each new step represents new possibilities. One day that next step will lead you to the happiness you are seeking but only if you can maintain the strength to take that next step. So, don’t despair. The last part of the process is to not give up on love. It may have hurt, left a giant scar on your soul. But rather than run from it, hide from it, pretend it doesn’t exist, you should embrace it, learn from it, grow from it, gain strength from it. Make your hurt a symbol of strength, of survival.  Make your hurt a symbol of your rebirth. So, there you have it three steps for you to follow on your journey back to happiness.  Good Luck




Presidential three-card Monte

In three-card Monte the dealer employs sleight of hand and misdirection to prevent the mark from finding the queen.

America wake up and step away from the three-card Monte table before it’s too late.

Slight of hand – While running for President Trump closing campaign ad flashed an ominous image of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein just as Trump condemned the “global power structure” for robbing America’s working class and enriching the elite. He repeatedly told us Hilary Clinton would be bound to her “Wall Street” buddies. However since winning the Presidency Trump has now selected four nominees with Goldman Sachs ties for prominent posts in his administration all the while still boasting that he is going to give the country back to the working man.

Misdirection- Donald Trump lost the popular vote and he knows it. There were more people at Obama’s first inauguration and Trump knows it. There is no such thing as Alternative facts and the Trump team knows it. But they’ll keep saying and tweeting these outrageous things because they know we will be consumed with it and that’s what we will pay attention to. Meanwhile while our attention is focused on these trivial matters Trump and his team will go about implementing change that will roll back many of the progressive gains we have made over the last few decades unabated.

The election is over and Trump is the President for at least the next 4 years that much is true. But we still have a voice as long as we don’t get caught up in the game of three-card Monte. We all need to get involved, read yes I said read about and be informed on the core issues, vote not just in the national elections but in your local elections as well and most importantly hold your politicians accountable. Remind them you vote them into their seat and you can vote them out.  That’s democracy and that’s what makes America great.

Step away from the three-card Monte table.

The Idea of America

Take a second today to place your hand over your heart and recite a pledge that would truly make America great

I pledge allegiance to the idea that is the United States of America, one people united under the banner of humanity, indivisible regardless of race, religion, gender, economic status and sexual orientation, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank You Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for what you have meant to me and this country. Eight years ago I watched with tears in my eyes as you spoke to the nation from Grant Park as the first African-American President elect. I thought to myself as I watched you and your beautiful family that night, they look like me. I never thought I would say that in my lifetime but they look like me. But you were more than that, you were not just my President, you were a President of all the people as you said that night:

“We rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.”

Sadly many who opposed you did not take heed to those words. Rather from the very start they did everything in their power to see to it that you failed. But you never sank to the depths of their pettiness. You held firm to your principles and worked for the betterment of all people in this country. You carried yourself with dignity and class and as such you were admired not just in America but around the globe. You were a fitting face of America and you made us all proud. You not only showed us what a great leader you were but also showed the world what a true family man looks like. Forever devoted to and respectful of your loving wife Michelle, a doting father to two beautiful daughters, you are the role model to which all men should aspire to. You leave us now, despite all of the push back you had to endure, in a better place than we were 8 years ago. You will be missed but not forgotten. They will try to erase your legacy now but history always remembers and you Mr. President will be remembered as one of the great ones.

Thank you President Obama

2017 time to soar

2017 is here and it is time for us to reach for our dreams and soar above the clouds.

There will be those who will tell us that we can’t do it but we will ask them why can’t we.

There will be those who will tell us we’ve come as far as we can go and we will look at them and take another step.

There will be those who will tell us that there are boundaries to what we can achieve and we will tell them that we have never been confined by imaginary boundaries.

There will be those who will tell us we are dreamers and we will tell them that we have always believed there are possibilities.

There will be those who will tell us others have tried and failed and we will tell them we can achieve what few would even dare dream possible.

Then there will be those who will ask us how they can join us and we will tell them that first they must let go of what they have been taught to believe is possible. That they must let go off the fictitious boundaries that exist only in their own minds.  That they must let go of society’s confined vision of them. That once they let go of these things they will see that life offers them an array of endless possibilities and once they see that then they’ll be ready to soar above the clouds.

Are you ready