Passing the Baton

The POTUS delivered tonight! Eight years ago I watched as the newly elected Barak Obama his wife Michelle and their two beautiful daughters walked into a Chicago park to celebrate his election. I admit as I watched tears streamed down my face. Why? Because never did I imagine in my life I would live to see an African American President. They look like me I thought and I was so very proud.

In his eight years as President Barak Obama has faced more push back then probably any other President in history. From day one there was no desire to work together, no desire to compromise. The mission was clear from the right, this man must fail. Was some of it political? Undoubtedly so. Was some of it racial? I think the rise of Donald Trump and his message of division answers that. Yet through it all the President remained dignified and pushed on with his agenda. His administration remained scandal free. Time will pass and history will tell his story. If I were to bet I would bet it will be a wonderful story indeed.

Tonight I couldn’t help but see that there was something symbolic in our nation’s first African American President passing the baton to what very well could be our first woman president. Come this November a generation of young women may get to look on as a President Elect Clinton takes the stage to celebrate her victory. She a woman just like me they may think and they will undoubtedly be very proud.

There is no disputing the fact that we’ve come a long way but it is evident that as a country we still have a ways to go in regards to race relations and gender equality. Yet if you watched President Obama and Secretary Clinton together on stage tonight in Philly it’s clear, we are on the right road indeed.

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