One Country – One People

If you are a liberal, conservative or a moderate. A Republican, Democrat or an independent. On this day when we remember the ultimate sacrifice that men and women of all colors, ethnicities, gender, religious beliefs and sexual orientation have given so that each day we can rise in a country that while not perfect affords us the freedom that much of the world has never known we must as a people stand tall and reject the kind of hate speech, the bigoted, sexist and racist words that has been used to surprising effectiveness by Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

You can stand on either side of the aisle as a fiscal or social conservative, moderate or liberal and do so without looking to divide the country using hate as your primary weapon.

As a country we are supposed to be one country one people. No matter your race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

When we come to that realization and stop looking to divide each other and come together as a people that’s what will make America great.


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