Never Say Never…Unless

They say never say never but I have learned  that’s not true. For example

Never let others define you.
Define yourself. Let society define the masses while you remain true to yourself and who and what you strive to be.

Never let others set your limits.
Don’t let go of your dreams.  Dream of the infinite possibilities you are capable of and then reach for them, life is too short to be contained inside a box.

Never let someone else opinion determine your own opinion  of your self worth.
Undoubtedly by now you have determined that you cannot please everyone, even if you live a righteous life. Once you have accept that fact only your opinion of your self-worth matters will you find happiness.

Never dwell in the past.
Do not run from it, hide from it, or pretend it does not exist. The past both good and bad played a prominent role in what you are today. Rather learn from it, grow from it, gain strength from it and then let it go and move on. Life exist in the now you should too.

Never chase after someone who has left you and never beg anyone to be with you.
Rather simply understand if they do not possess the superior intellect to realize their good fortune in having you in their life than logic dictates they were never worthy of you in the first place.

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