Or else forgot about it.

Her eyes were her calling card and she knew it. Beautifuland especially good at drawing you in and once they had you all she needed to do was say the things that made you want to believe it was real.

You are my hero everyday she would tell me.
Promise me you’ll never leave she would ask.
I love you she would proclaim.

As much as I wanted to believe she was the one. As much as I wanted to believe her words were real. I knew that words were just that, words.

So I looked into her beautiful eyes, the ones I wanted to believe I would look into forever and said

Give me your heart
Make it real
Or else forget about it

Faced with this decision she looked back at me, closed her eyes, perhaps to let me go and said I can’t do it. Then she turned and walked away and just like that she was gone.  And that was more than telling than any words she ever uttered.

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