They’re still trying to change the narrative

Today I saw an article in The Daily Caller which stated that:
According to several Be On Look Out (BOLO) alerts sent from several law enforcement agencies and exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller, some members of the “#blacklivesmatter and #fyf911 are calling for the murder of more police officers.
It is important to note that while this report was not an editorial, and I have no reason not to believe the authenticity of the BOLO alerts, Tucker Carlson, a libertarian conservative, founded the Daily Caller. With all due respect to Tucker Carlson and some other conservative individuals and organizations, there can be no denying that there has been an ongoing attempt from some on the right to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement. Which, to be honest, is not a centralized movement with anyone voice to call it lead but more of a battle cry for people of all colors to stand up against the discrimination and brutality directed toward people of color. The intent of those who link it to groups or individuals who are not concerned with justice but preach violence is evident, discredit the movement as a whole and marginalize those who support it.
When Sarah Palin calls supporters of the movement dogs, President Obama won’t call off. When Donald Trump says, supporters of the movement are looking for trouble. When radical groups who preach violence are lumped in with the entire movement as if to indicate they are the movement, it is reminiscent of what some tried to do to civil rights leaders in the 60s, which was an attempt to shut down a movement and to avoid a meaningful discussion about race relations in this country.  What is true is that the overwhelming majority of the Black Lives Matter movement has never been about violence and has never been about hatred toward police but instead has always been about equality and justice. We cannot let those who would not see us all live together as brother and sister, those who profit from division rather than unity, those who instead move backward than forward in time define the narrative. The narrative can only be defined by the actions of the majority, people of all races and religions, who stand for equality and justice for all. So on this 9/11, let us stand as one and remember and honor those we lost 14 years ago. Let us pray that the few who preach violence are unsuccessful in their attempts to rally the nut jobs because even one life lost is one life too many. Let our voices be heard as one that we no longer tolerate racism and hate. On this 9/11, let us show the world that we are one.

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