Perception is rarely Reality.

“Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.” – Carol Moseley-Braun

In the world we live in perception often trumps reality and it is those who control that perception who usually benefit the most.

Sadly in America there are still those today who gain politically and monetarily from pushing forth an agenda of division, hate, and racism. While they can no longer be as overt as they were in the past they have become masters of subliminal messaging. Whether it is through the use of buzz words, advertising, imaging, or manipulation of the news they tilt the message to scare those who are gullible or those who simply know no better. They do this keep their pockets lined and the message of hate alive.  It is these individuals who will show you images of young African American men engaged in acts of violence to try to scare you into believing we’re all animals.  It is these individuals who will tell you lies about and repeat over and over how President Obama’s presidency is a failure to downplay his many accomplishments.

But for these individuals who preach hate and racism. Who would still see this country divided. Here’s what they’re really afraid of


The image of young educated black men rallying around a strong, educated, successful black man of color who they wish to emulate.

Yes perception can often trump reality but when as a people we understand that some are trying to control the perception so that that they can control us. However no matter how much they try to control the narrative if we educate ourselves, open our minds to the concept of unity and our hearts to the concept of love we will render them meaningless and in doing so take the next step in our evolution and be a better people for it.

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