Why I’m not rooting for Floyd Mayweather.

I been told silly things like “He’s one of us” – well if you mean human yeah he’s one of us can’t really argue that.

Crazy things like “He’s one of if not the best fighter of all time” please just in my lifetime I say fighters like Leonard, Hagler and Duran would whip his behind. Hell I’ll put even money on the Bronx’s own 3 time champion and boxing hall of famer Wilfred Benítez

But the real reason I’m not rooting for Mayweather, not that he cares, is that he truly seems to be a bad guy. Here in New York callers to local radio shows call Alex Rodriquez evil and practically suggest we burn him at the stake because he cheated. To paraphrase Allen Iverson what are we talking about cheating? Cheating in a game? Cheating in a game. We talking about a game.  Not real life a game.

Yet here is Floyd Mayweather who has six times been charged with domestic violence and served two months in jail in 2012 for the 2010 beating of the mother of three of his children. We’re not talking about a game here, we’re talking about real life.

Mayweather will make north of 180 million dollar tonight to do what he those for a living attempt to beat up other professionally trained men. Yet he not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, not even five times but six times has been charged with putting his hands on a defenseless woman. Think about that for a second, let it sink in. Six times charged! One can only wonder how many incidents never made its way to the public. Yet tonight many fans and reporters will talk about him like he invented boxing and fawn over him like he’s some kind of hero.

There are those who try to explain away Mayweather’s behavior. Those who say it was his tough upbringing. Those who say the negativity toward him is based on stereotypes. Those who say when you know him you can’t but come away thinking he’s a insightful, intelligent, likable person. Maybe all that is true yet I wonder if one of the several women who were the recipient of a straight right hand to the face felt the same way.

Over the last year a handful of athletes have unfortunately by their actions shined light on domestic violence and how heinous a crime it is. It is unfortunate that a crime that has devastated and took the lives of so many is still all too often turned a blind eye to. Saturday night people around the world will cheer on one of the biggest cowards in sports, because only a coward hits a woman, Floyd Mayweather their boxing hero. I’ll go watch the Avengers a movie about fictional heroes. Mayweather won’t get a dime from me.

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