The Winter Time Blues

The winter time blues.

They can at times be overwhelming for those who do not have that special someone to share their lives with, to cuddle with on those cold winter nights. But as hard as it may be you must not despair, you must not give up hope. For life is a journey and with each new step new possibilities arise. As long as you continue to believe and maintain the strength to take one more step you open yourself up to all those possibilities. One day that next step will lead you to that someone special and when it does you’ll understand what all those other steps were for. You’ll realize that all along you were walking a path toward this moment, this person. And when you smile at that special someone for the first time and they smile back you’ll look back at those winter days with the understanding that all along your journey was leading you right here, to the right place, to the right person.

So don’t despair simply take another step.

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