They are still trying to change the narrative

Since, in my opinion, this has become an ugly game of tit for tat politics that has obscured the real issues, this will be my last say on this.
So just to be clear, and I think we all can agree here because the overwhelming majority of police officers are good people, it is wrong to call out the wrongs of a few select individuals who happen to wear a police uniform and demand equal justice for all people because by doing so you are purportedly anti-police, wish ill will toward all and believe all police are racist.
Also, again just to be clear, it is right. I think we can all agree here as well because a few select people in an overwhelmingly peaceful crowd call for violence and act out in violent ways to label an entire movement as violent and anti-police because if you don’t, you are purportedly siding on the side of lawlessness and anarchy.
Did I get that right?
Hmmm, it seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? Seems like they are still trying to change the narrative to force you to take sides when there are no sides. It seems like they are trying to change the narrative to suit their political agenda and drive up their ratings. But no matter what they do at the end of the day, the truth is the truth. We need police, and the overwhelming majority of those who call for justice are pro-police, respect the courage they show every day by merely putting on the uniform, and only want to see the rotten apples among them removed so that the acts of a few individuals do not mar their overall reputation – hear the word people individuals. Not an entire department – individuals.
It’s time to wake up people and stop letting people who only gain financially from our division guide the discussion. Time to understand that it’s one planet, and we all have to live on it. It is time to stop choosing sides like this, a game of stickball, and start understanding that we are all on the same team.

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