Good Morning My Love. It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Way

You know it wasn’t supposed to be this way,  you were always supposed to be there and while I know you aren’t anymore it doesn’t stop me each morning for reaching for you, longing to see your smile, kiss your lips and hear you say good morning my love just one more time. But that is reserved for him now, this much is true, but I wonder if he could ever love you the way I did. If his touch and his kiss could ever make you feel the way mine did. If you could ever look and smile at him the way you looked and smiled at me every morning. If wonder if either of our mornings will ever be the same again.

You know it wasn’t supposed to be this way we were supposed to be forever, there wasn’t suppose to be an expiration date. From the very first kiss it was obvious that the love we had for each other and the passion that we shared was special. When we walked into a room people would simply stop and stare, the electricity between us was real and people would yell – you know they’re in love. Maybe that was my mistake, maybe I took it for granted. Maybe I should have told you I loved you one more time, maybe I should have walked away from that last argument. Maybe I thought our love was enough to overcome anything and that it would guide us through the storm. Maybe I thought no man could possibly steal you from me, could capture your heart the way I did. But I was wrong and now each morning he has your smile, your touch and your kiss and I lay here alone wishing for just one more good morning my love.

You know it wasn’t supposed to be this way.


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