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They are still trying to change the narrative

Since, in my opinion, this has become an ugly game of tit for tat politics that has obscured the real issues, this will be my last say on this.
So just to be clear, and I think we all can agree here because the overwhelming majority of police officers are good people, it is wrong to call out the wrongs of a few select individuals who happen to wear a police uniform and demand equal justice for all people because by doing so you are purportedly anti-police, wish ill will toward all and believe all police are racist.
Also, again just to be clear, it is right. I think we can all agree here as well because a few select people in an overwhelmingly peaceful crowd call for violence and act out in violent ways to label an entire movement as violent and anti-police because if you don’t, you are purportedly siding on the side of lawlessness and anarchy.
Did I get that right?
Hmmm, it seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? Seems like they are still trying to change the narrative to force you to take sides when there are no sides. It seems like they are trying to change the narrative to suit their political agenda and drive up their ratings. But no matter what they do at the end of the day, the truth is the truth. We need police, and the overwhelming majority of those who call for justice are pro-police, respect the courage they show every day by merely putting on the uniform, and only want to see the rotten apples among them removed so that the acts of a few individuals do not mar their overall reputation – hear the word people individuals. Not an entire department – individuals.
It’s time to wake up people and stop letting people who only gain financially from our division guide the discussion. Time to understand that it’s one planet, and we all have to live on it. It is time to stop choosing sides like this, a game of stickball, and start understanding that we are all on the same team.

Merry Christmas

We come to this Christmas day with dark clouds swirling all around us, divided as a people, hatred seemingly waiting around every corner. But we also come to this day with the power to summon the true meaning of the season from with-in each of our hearts. So let us not dwell on the painful times behind us but rather let us use them as a turning point to joyous times ahead. Let us bring forth the spirit of love, peace and hope and look to our neighbors whomever they may be and wish them good tidings of great joy and peace on earth. Because after all that’s what Christmas is all about.

We must stop the madness -All lives matter



You can not help but be saddened by the senseless murder of two police officers in Brooklyn today. This was not about liberal vs. conservative, black vs. white. Community vs. police. This was simply a cowardly reprehensible evil act by a lone individual. We must come together as people to stop the madness; we must understand that all life is precious that all lives matter. We must stand together to denounce those who advocate violence, or else there is no hope for any of us.

Blue Lives Matter – Of Course They Do We Never Said They Didn’t

Now we have the hashtag BlueLivesMatter; of course, they do. We never said they didn’t. I speak only for myself, but I believe my thoughts are the same as the vast majority of people who the events of Ferguson and Staten Island have disheartened. I respect and have never doubted the morals or the courage of the vast majority of men and women who are sworn to protect and serve so that our communities remain safe. If you want to show your support for police departments through #BlueLivesMatter, then do so because, after all, the overwhelming majority of police officers deserve it.
But if you are doing so only:
As a way of pushing back against the #BlackLivesMatter movement;
As a way to marginalize the genuine concerns of that movement;
Because you have been led to believe that those who support that movement don’t think that the lives of police matter;
Because certain media outlets, to pander to the lowest common denominator among their base, seek out and put their microphones in front of the few idiots who spew venom and advocate violence or concentrate their cameras on the handful of idiots who commit acts of violence while thousands protest peacefully around them simply demanding equal justice for all;
Then you are doing so for the wrong reasons.
You see, it is true Black Lives Matter, and it also true that Blue Lives Matter. It will not be until we as a species come to understand that we will come together as a people. Do not let those who do not want to see us come together, profit from division, not unity, frame this discussion. This is not about picking sides. This is about doing what is right. This is about ensuring that all people are treated equally and fairly.

They are trying to change the narrative…Don’t let them

They are trying to change the narrative to marginalize the message and divide the masses don’t let them.
They will point to those killed in the line of duty as if we don’t care about their lives and those they leave behind. They will act as if this is a game of one-upmanship. We certainly do, and it is not.
They will point to the number of blacks killed by blacks and say we should be gravely concerned about that. They will say we should turn a blind eye to other injustices and concentrate on that problem and that problem alone because we can not focus on multiple issues at one time. We are, and we most definitely can.
They will say our protests are about hatred of the police and not about ensuring that justice is meted out equally and fairly for all people. But it never was about that, and it most certainly is.
They will call those who speak out race-baiters while trying to divide by making this strictly an issue of black versus white, all the while ignoring the rainbow of colors that stand for and cry out for justice.
They are trying to change the narrative to marginalize the message and divide the masses don’t let them.

You thought you had us beat…but we’re still here

You thought you had us beat when you took us from our home, stripped us of our culture, and told us we were no longer people but property.
You thought you had us beat when you raped our women, beat our men, and sold our children.
You thought you had us beat when you donned your first sheet, burned your first cross, and rode through the night striking terror into our hearts.
You thought you had us beat when you silenced our voices at the voting booths with violence and intimidation.
You thought you had us beat when you turned us away at the lunch counter and locked the doors to the school.
You thought you had us beat when you set free the dogs and turned the hoses on us.
You thought you had us beat when you assassinated one leader after another of a movement that dared only to ask that you treat us as equals.
You thought you had us beat when you devoted hundreds of years to stripping away our dignity, pride, and self-worth.
You thought you had us beat, but here we are still standing, refusing to go away. Because despite your best efforts, your actions were merely those of a coward, not nearly enough to defeat us. Together as one, we are rising now, and others are joining us regardless of their race, color, religion, creed, gender, or national origin, a coalition of the righteous. We are gathering momentum each day. We are going to create a world where color doesn’t matter. A world without conflicts and killings. A world without borders and boundaries. A world united, not divided, ruled by love, not hate—a world where anything is possible.
You thought you had us beat, but we are here to tell you your time is coming to an end, and ours is just beginning.