Monthly Archives: October 2014

When Paths Cross

In life we travel divergent paths and along the way we encounter people and have experiences that will shape the very essence of who we are. Each day we will cross the paths of hundreds if not thousands of other people. Some of whom will leave a lasting impression, others merely a fleeting memory. One day our path will cross another’s and at that very moment, in that very place it will become clear for the first time to us what our lives were truly meant to be.

This will be the beginning of a love that we will never be able to truly describe in words. Nevertheless, when we hold each other’s hand, hear each other’s voice, see each other’s smile and look into each other’s eyes, we will understand that we share a love so passionate, so deep that we would never have believed it was possible until our paths crossed that fateful day. From that moment we will never walk the path alone again but always together as partners, best friends, soul mates and lovers. Along the path there will be unknowns and obstacles yet our love will never waver. Because we know that the foundation on which our relationship is built on, trust, respect and most importantly love is a foundation strong enough to withstanding anything we could ever face.


Failure, yeah I thought about it, but I don’t fear it

In life it is alright to consider the possibility that you may fail.  Only those of us who never aspire to greatness need not to. For it is not the lack of aspirations which holds us back in life; it is the fear of failure to achieve those aspirations which limits our possibilities. To succeed in life, to achieve your dreams you must move forward boldly and smartly and that includes considering all the possible outcomes including failure. But do so without fear of failure do so in the knowledge that you can only make your dreams a reality by taking hold of your destiny and doing something and even if in doing something you fail remember that the successes of your tomorrow may very be built on your failures of today.