Suddenly It’s In The Stars

Life is random, one step to the left or one step to the right could start a series of events that change the course of your life. But then there are those times when despite everything telling you this moment is simply just another random occurrence, you know it is not.

Because one day you turned left when you always turned right and suddenly as if out of nowhere someone special walked into your life and you realize everything up until that very moment was preparing both of you for each other. Suddenly It became clear that every step you’ve taken was leading you to each other. Suddenly you realize you have unknowingly been walking a path toward each other your whole lives.  Suddenly you understand that your whole life you’ve been waiting for this person and they for you.  You didn’t know it then but it’s as clear as day now.

Suddenly It is obvious no one ever has and no one ever will make either of you feel like you did when you first:

Smiled at each other
Made each other laugh
Held each other hand
Kissed each other lips and
Said I love you to each other

Suddenly as crazy as it sounds you know now that when you turned left, when you’ve always turned right, destiny was at play and now you both will hold the key to each other’s heart and soul forever and a day.

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