Monthly Archives: August 2014

Never Let Emotions Rule The Day

The smart leader does not let their emotions rule the day; they do not act when their emotions run high. When it is expected that they act in an irrational manner the smart leader will take a step back and breath. They will allow their emotions to wane. For a smart leader understands when emotions are running high their judgment becomes clouded and their choices become flawed. They understand when emotions run high failure is almost assuredly a fait accompli. Instead the smart leader channels their emotions and focuses on the situation in front of them. It is only after they have reviewed the circumstances at hand and formulated a plan grounded in logic and reason rather than emotions will the smart leader move forward and when they do they will most assuredly seize the day.

Anger or Forgiveness which path will you take

It is at the very moment someone hurts you that you have two paths directly in front of you.

The first is the path of revenge, the most common of all human reactions, to strike back in anger. It is the easier of the two paths after all as the old proverb goes “revenge is a dish best served cold. The second is the path of forgiveness. This path is not easy, it is not the common human reaction. This path requires that we find it with-in us at the very moment we have been hurt the strength to forgive. It requires that we step back and consider that the very pain inflicted on us may well be the result of a pain carried with-in the other person.

While it is true that the first path may appear more satisfying in the short-term it will only serve to harden our hearts and souls in the long-term. The second path undeniably less satisfying in the here and now allows us to move forward in a positive light and permits our hearts to remain pure. And with that it is clear what path we must take. It is clear we must let forgiveness permeate our souls.

The Road to Greatness

The road to greatness is a lonely one. It is a journey traveled by those of us who refuse to settle. Those of us who reach for what others believe can not possibly be reached. By those of us who understand that the potential for greatness is trapped within all of us but is unleashed by only those of us who do not fear failure. It is a road traveled by those of us who unequivocally believe in ourselves and what we can accomplish. Yes the road to greatness is a lonely one but it does not have to be, you can choose to join us on the road. All you have to do is learn to believe in yourself and accept the simple fact that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.