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The noose tightened around their neck – and they heard it.
Pulled from their car on a backcountry road by men in white hoods, it would be their last night on this earth – and they heard it.
Little boys and girls walked proudly up the path to the school, the crowd shouted at them, and at their entrance blocking their way stood the sheriff – and they heard it.
The protest was non-violent, yet they unleashed the dogs and turned on the fire hoses anyway – and they heard it.
The cross burned brightly and gathered all around the souls of the innocents about to take their last breaths, were the men in the sheets – and they heard it.
What they heard was the N-word. And they heard it with all the hatred and venom it represents. Let us make no mistake today about the word’s true meaning. Let us stop pretending we have redefined it and made it into a word we can embrace and claim as our own. It is simply what it is and what it has always been a word of hatred, a word with no redeeming quality, a word that should never be uttered again.
Yet we must not bury it either. It is a part of American history. We must always remember it and never forget the countless number of men, women, and yes, children who, because they dared desire to be free and demanded to be treated as equals, heard it just before they breathed their last breath. In their memory, we must teach its sordid history to our children and tell them to teach it to their children.
They heard it, and we must ensure we never hear it again.

They heard it


She’s just a memory now, a dream slowly fading from my sight; Yet each day I wonder if she’s alright and while it’s true she’s never coming back I can’t help but ponder does she ever wonder back.She’s just a memory now, a dream slowly fading from my sight, Yet each day, I wonder if she’s alright, and while it’s true she’s never coming back, I can’t help but ponder does she ever wonder back.



Your true love is like a GPS, when you’re hopelessly lost and on the brink of no return, they will find you, stay with you and provide you with turn by turn directions until you’re able to find your own way again.



Beautiful mindThe unique thing about women is that they have an abundance of qualities that men admire, find sexy and fall in love with, but only one can quality can truly captures a true man’s mind, heart and soul and that is intellect.

Intellect is the ability to learn and reason;

Intellect is the capacity for knowledge and understanding;

Intellect is the ability of the human mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and about how to solve problems.

It is intellect that provides one with the abilities to build a foundation on which love will grow and flourish.

It is intellect that provides one with the guidance required to make difficult decisions when raising a family.

It is intellect that provides one with the confidence to navigate the rough waters all relationship stumble upon.

Like all men I can and have been captivated by a beautiful face and a pretty smile, but at the end of the day There is nothing sexier, and no one I would rather spend my life with, than a woman with a beautiful mind.



The funny thing about fate is that the direction it takes you in is often directly correlated to your belief in yourself.


When you know who you are nothing or no one can stop you from achieving greatness


Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to accept as fact what others tell you can’t accomplish but remain doubtful about your ability to accomplish what you know you can.

Never stop following your dreams



There are those who will be quick to point out where I have supposedly failed but I know my efforts can never be defined as failure. I understand that failure is not defined by those who have planned appropriately put forth the effort yet came up short. I understand that no matter how many times I may stumble I simply must get up dust myself off and start again. I do this because I understand that my endeavor while unsuccessful this time is but another building block on which my future success will be built.


I Looked in the mirror this morning and the reflection staring back at me started to talk and if that wasn’t strange enough it wasn’t in my voice but Larry Fishburne’s.Morpheus

Welcome he said as you no doubt have guessed I am you. I imagine right now you feel I am no doubt the lingering effects of the Dos Equis you drank last night and your love of the Matrix, but I ensure you I am neither. Rather I am here to tell you the truth, that you have been living a lie. That you have lost your way, your swagger so to speak, you are living a life of the ordinary and you are not now, nor have you ever been destined to be ordinary, your path is one of greatness.

The question before you now is simply this. What are you waiting for? You’re better than this. Don’t think you are, know you are.

You must stop looking for excuses why you’re not great and be great! You must remember who you are and what you are destined to be. Now go out today and start reminding the world who that is before they start to forget as well.

Whoa! I thought as I stepped back from the mirror that may have still been the Dos Equis, but just in case buckle up world because I’m coming and I’m bringing my swagger with me!