OK love I think it’s time we sat down and had a true heart to heart talk.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not mad at you, in fact I’m one of your biggest fans. From the moment I was born I had a front row seat to the enduring love affair that my parents shared, so I am well aware of how wonderful you can be. I also know how powerful you are. I’ve seen you make the strongest man in the room weep openly when you abandon him. I’ve seen you give the smallest woman in the room the strength of 1000 men to protect a child she loves.

Yes I know what you’re capable of love, but you know what puzzles me? Why do you so often hurt those who believe in you the most? Why do you seem to take joy in blissfully dancing into their hearts only to walk away when they have fully committed to you? Wait, you know what don’t answer that; I assume you have your reasons and they may be best left unsaid. Even if you told me I probably would never fully understand. But you know what love; I still have a lot of love for you. My confidence in you remains unshaken; OK it’s a little shaken, but strong nevertheless.

You know why? I’ll tell you why. Once I read in the bible that you never give up, never lose faith, you’re always hopeful and that you endure through every circumstance. Now if you ask me that’s pretty powerful stuff and frankly that sounds like someone worth believing in. So I’ll keep the faith love, I know deep down you have something big planned for me, so let’s roll love you and me.

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