We live in a world bonded by hate and divided by race, religion, gender and nationality, to name just a few of the things we as a species have artificially determined makes us different and therefore superior or inferior to each other. Seemingly this has been our way since we first walked on this beautiful blue ball called Earth.

Throughout our history hatred has reared its ugly head time and time again, often in some of the most horrific ways possible and ironically when it does it does not discriminate. It has claimed the lives of all races, religions, nationalities and genders. Yet at the end of the day no matter how we define ourselves and those we lose we are left with the unmistakably conclusion that each of us is a mother or a father, a son or a daughter, a wife or a husband, a boyfriend or a girlfriend and the tears we shed for those we lose are all the same. Indeed when we strip away the hate there is no denying that we are bonded together by one thing, our humanity.

Bonded by hate

Our time as a species is not everlasting. In the history of the cosmos we have been here but the blink of an eye and in another blink we will be gone. In the time we have left we must strive to find our humanity. Learn to embrace each other despite our artificially created differences. Today that may seem impossible as we appear to be moving further away than closer together, but as the old saying goes every journey begins with a first step and is now time we take ours as a people.

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