What if I told your mind has been conditioned.

Conditioned to build a wall around your creativity, to keep you in the box that society has determined you belong in.

Conditioned to create a sense of foreboding, so strong that it is permeating  your very existence every minute of every day, so much so that you begin to fear even the thought of stepping outside of that box.

Now what if I told you society cannot define you, that there are no limits and you could achieve whatever you thought was possible. That you could know a sense of happiness and a feeling of love unlike you ever known have before. 

What if I told you there are those of us who already know this. That we have already knocked down the walls society tried to box us in with.  That we were unafraid and we bodily stepped outside of our box and freed our minds.

Now what if I told you could join us and all you had to do was believed it was possible.

Would you?
Could you?


Breaking thru




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