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12 ounces of morning love

Others shun your “type” and openly mock me for embracing you. You’re not as sophisticated as the ones they hang out with. What could I possibly see in you? You couldn’t possibly satisfy all my cravings? You are nothing but a cheap imitation of the ones they love they tell me. When I speak of the passion you stir inside me, how I cannot wait to take hold of you each morning they simply roll their eyes. After all no one has ever wanted to just sit with you for hours lounging the day away. You do not have a pretty name like Colombia Nariño or Kati Kati and certainly no one has ever thought to use words from the language of love to describe you, words like venti or trenta. But none of that matters to me nor does it diminish my passion for you. On the contrary, your simplicity drives me to want you even more. Because my dear street cart, large light and sweet, morning pick me you may never have the glamour of those Starbucks drinks the others love, but you will always be the coffee of my heart.

The Strength of the Greatest Men – Women of Course

The strength of the greatest men is often only as strong as the women in their lives. To be successful in life as men we must respect, listen to, love and cherish our mother, our wife/fiancée/girlfriend or whatever woman stands beside you. Because these women will stand beside you when times are tough and when you begin to doubt yourself. They will inspire you to greatness and they will make any success you achieve that much sweeter.

Behind the Muppet Strings

On the next VH1 Behind the Muppet Strings – Roosevelt Franklin he was a popular character on Sesame Street, young, smart, talented and purple. Roosevelt was on top of the world following the 71 release of his best selling album The year of Roosvelt Franklin and then suddenly he was gone. Rumors of his exit from the popular children’s show have swirled for years but now in a VH1 exclusive we talk to Roosevelt himself and find out the truth about what really happens on Sesame Street. Jealousy, betrayal and backstabbing all on the Next on Behind the Muppet Strings.


There you were, my hero poised to protect me just when all seemed lost, I hesitated for a moment after all I had been here before with you but I simply could not resist.  Everything seemed so grand as we walked hand in hand. But soon the wind blew and you buckled without so much as a fight I fought to hold on but it would not be and with one last gust you were gone. Now as I stand with my brow so wet I curse at you aloud.  Damn you $3 umbrella! Damn you.


Overheard at the North Pole.

Rudolph: You know how they’re going to come at you?
Frosty: They want to arrange a meeting between me and Jack Frost.n Snow Miser’s ground.. Where I’ll be safe.
Rudolph: Snowy? I always thought it would be the Heat Miser
Frosty: It’s the smart move. Snow Miser was always smarter


We live in a world bonded by hate and divided by race, religion, gender, and nationality, to name just a few of the things we as a species have artificially determined makes us different and therefore superior or inferior to each other. Seemingly this has been our way since we first walked on this beautiful blue ball called Earth.
Throughout our history, hatred has reared its ugly head time and time again, often in some of the most horrific ways possible, and ironically when it does, it does not discriminate. It has claimed the lives of all races, religions, nationalities, and genders. Yet at the end of the day, no matter how we define ourselves and those we lose, we are left with the unmistakable conclusion that each of us is a mother or a father, a son or a daughter, a wife or a husband, a boyfriend or a girlfriend and the tears we shed for those we lose are all the same. Indeed when we strip away the hate, there is no denying that we are bonded together by one thing, our humanity.

Our time as a species is not everlasting. In the history of the cosmos, we have been here, but in the blink of an eye and another blink, we will be gone. In the time we have left, we must strive to find our humanity. Learn to embrace each other despite our artificially created differences. Today that may seem impossible as we appear to be moving further away than closer together, but as the old saying goes, every journey begins with a first step, and it is now time we take ours as a people.



A society that fails to nurture the minds of its young today cannot expect to produce great leaders and innovators tomorrow.

A society that embraces reasons why it cannot achieve today rather than ways it might cannot expect to achieve advances in culture, science and the arts tomorrow.The society

A society that fails to award excellence today for fear that it will displease those who fall short cannot expect anything greater than mediocrity tomorrow.

A society that always looks to others to save them today cannot expect to produce their own savior tomorrow.

A society that acts accordingly today will have no regrets tomorrow.