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I’ll Never Regret Falling in Love

Do I regret falling in love?
No not in the least.
It didn’t work out this time and if you must know yes my heart was broken, shattered into a million pieces actually. But while painful, the moment did not break me. Why? Because the moment is but one moment along a longer journey that I am on and I will not be deterred by just one moment. No matter how painful it may have been. I continue my journey unafraid and with a positive attitude. I continue my journey because I have never regretted falling in love and I remain confident that one day my journey will lead me to you my true love.

12 ounces of morning love

Others shun your “type” and openly mock me for embracing you. You’re not as sophisticated as the ones they hang out with. What could I possibly see in you? You couldn’t possibly satisfy all my cravings? You are nothing but a cheap imitation of the ones they love they tell me. When I speak of the passion you stir inside me, how I cannot wait to take hold of you each morning they simply roll their eyes. After all no one has ever wanted to just sit with you for hours lounging the day away. You do not have a pretty name like Colombia Nariño or Kati Kati and certainly no one has ever thought to use words from the language of love to describe you, words like venti or trenta. But none of that matters to me nor does it diminish my passion for you. On the contrary, your simplicity drives me to want you even more. Because my dear street cart, large light and sweet, morning pick me you may never have the glamour of those Starbucks drinks the others love, but you will always be the coffee of my heart.

The Strength of the Greatest Men – Women of Course

The strength of the greatest men is often only as strong as the women in their lives. To be successful in life as men we must respect, listen to, love and cherish our mother, our wife/fiancée/girlfriend or whatever woman stands beside you. Because these women will stand beside you when times are tough and when you begin to doubt yourself. They will inspire you to greatness and they will make any success you achieve that much sweeter.

Behind the Muppet Strings

On the next VH1 Behind the Muppet Strings – Roosevelt Franklin he was a popular character on Sesame Street, young, smart, talented and purple. Roosevelt was on top of the world following the 71 release of his best selling album The year of Roosvelt Franklin and then suddenly he was gone. Rumors of his exit from the popular children’s show have swirled for years but now in a VH1 exclusive we talk to Roosevelt himself and find out the truth about what really happens on Sesame Street. Jealousy, betrayal and backstabbing all on the Next on Behind the Muppet Strings.

True Love Means Never Having To Ask

Do you know what true love means.

It means never having to ask someone if they love you. Because if you have to ask they don’t.

It means never having to ask someone if they will always be there for you. Because if you have to ask they won’t.

True love means never having to ask because you already know. You know because in every minute of every day leading right up to now your lover, through their actions, has made it unequivocally clear that tomorrow morning, the morning after that and every morning until the end of time rain or shine, good or bad when you wake their face will be the first one you see.

What if you still feel you have to ask? Don’t, rather simply sit back and enjoy the moment but do realize that the person you’re with at that moment is just that, a person you’re with at that moment, nothing more nothing less and you know what, that’s cool. After all true love in not meant to be found in every relationship, but every relationship can bring you happiness. Just remember to treat each relationship accordingly in your heart and in your mind and at the end of the day you will emerge from it OK.

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